Striving to Become a Company Society Wants to Exist

As a member of the Honda Group, Honda Techno Fort is engaged in a variety of efforts aimed at fulfilling its responsibility to society and becoming a “company society wants to exist.”

CG Initiatives

To become a company that both our customers and society “wants to exist,” we focus on day-to-day efforts, which we have summarized in a Code of Conduct that each individual employee puts into practice.

Safety Initiatives

As a company involved in mobility development, we are engaged in traffic safety awareness activities aimed at eliminating traffic accidents at the regional level.

Environmental Initiatives

We are focusing our efforts on raising individual employee awareness of environmental problems, while working to improve the environment starting with our immediate surroundings.

Quality Initiatives

As a Honda Group R&D company, our day-to-day efforts are focused not only on responding to customer needs, but on offering the end users mobility that is outstanding in terms of safety, the environment and performance.