Starting with the Participation of Women

Women tend to play an increasing number of roles, not only in the workplace, but at home as well.

A company that is friendly to working women, and that can also deliver results in the midst of a society facing a shrinking, aging population, should be a company that is friendly to all workers, and that makes it easy for them to achieve their full potential.

Given these circumstances, in May 2016 we launched a working group aimed at expanding women’s participation in the workplace, with the goal of “building a mechanism for changing attitudes and enabling women to advance their careers.” The working group considered changes in the current social climate, with the government’s promotion of the “dynamic engagement of all citizens” and the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”, as providing an “important tailwind.” The group has worked to prepare a pathway for women to bravely move forward, and to discover the means by which Honda Techno Fort can make the participation of women a particular strength.

Now that the direction of the working group’s efforts to advance diversity has been determined, beginning in fiscal 2017 a new promotion team, comprised of management, human resources and female workers derived from the original working group, has begun working together to lead a variety of initiatives.

For “Business Owner Action Plan” based on the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”, please click here.



Career Vision

Creating Opportunities for Experience

Network Building


Key Initiatives Aimed at Diversity and the Participation of Women

Publication of COCO-COLOR, a diversity information magazine

“COCO-COLOR”, an in-house diversity information magazine, was launched in May 2017.

The magazine was established in the hopes that Honda Techno Fort becomes a company where the “individuality” of our employees can shine and be respected. We also hope the magazine will provide a starting point for our employees as we work together to plant the seeds that will establish that kind of culture within the company.

We are also utilizing our employee website to disseminate timely information on the company’s approach to diversity and descriptions of specific initiatives.

In-house Networking Event Held for Female Employees

An in-house networking event for female employees was held in June 2017.

Akemi Ito, Associate Professor at Tokyo City University, was invited to give a lecture, which was followed by an exchange of information and opinions among the female employees in attendance.

In her lecture, Professor Ito spoke primarily about what is needed for women to continue enjoying an active career, while including some of her own valuable experiences.

The interactive portion of the program provided attendees an opportunity to work on voicing and putting in writing their own opinions, and to engage in dialogue with women from other departments with whom they rarely have a chance to speak, allowing the participants to gain a variety of new insights.


As one way of helping women to prepare to envision their own future careers, we have adopted the World Cafe method in holding round table discussions for female employees.

The discussions give participants a chance to look back at their own progress, focusing on themes such as areas where “they’ve made a special effort,” or “keywords tied to work,” and to think about how to connect those ideas to their own futures. They are also an opportunity to learn about others by studying the basics of diversity.

Diversity Training (for Group Leaders and Women)

Diversity training is offered to group leaders and all female employees as a way of encouraging diversity practices in the workplace.

In addition to lectures on the significance of promoting diversity, the training also delivers other messages designed to encourage action on the part of the participants. For group leaders, we hope that “they will become the strongest supporters of female employees who wish to take an active role”; for female employees, we hope that “they will start by envisioning what they wish to become.”

Enhancing Our Comprehensive Strengths

※TF-D: TechnoFort-Diversity

Making Every Character and Personality Work for the Company

In society today, the use of a wide range of human resources through the promotion of diversity is becoming a management trend. While those efforts vary depending on the size of the company and the type of business, in general they focus primarily on promoting the participation of women, backed in part by recently enacted laws.

At Honda Techno Fort, our efforts to ensure our workers can remain highly motivated and continue to enjoy their jobs through retirement (including post-retirement re-hires) focus not just on women, but on experienced seniors and all of other our human resources. We believe this will not only allow us to secure the work force we need, but will lead to enhancing our comprehensive strengths as a company.

We are currently engaged in reviewing efforts to develop the necessary systems and environments, and will be rolling out new measures as they are decided.

Support for Activating Communication Networks

Support for Life Planning for Life’s Milestones

Support for Career Design for Life’s Milestones