For a new relationship
between cars and people

We started as Honda test drivers.

as a development partner of Honda,
We continue to faithfully reproduce specifications and concepts.

We continue to faithfully reproduce specifications and concepts.
With each passing mission,
Our thinking also continued to evolve.

Can this technology make people happy?
Can this technology create a future that is kind to the earth?
This is our attitude toward development.

Cars are industrial machines born out of human convenience.
But if that were all, they would not be so loved.

Cars take us much further than we can imagine,
They can take us much farther than we can imagine.

We love cars.
That is why we continue to think about them today.

A new form of car society.
A new relationship between cars and people.

Message from Top management

Since its establishment in 1987, Honda Techno Fort has developed as a mobility development partner of the Honda Group.
Especially in automotive development, our services include model development management, design, testing, analysis, prototyping, IT systems, intellectual property, and various administrative tasks,We are involved in all aspects of the automotive development process.

We share the Honda Philosophy. We share the Honda Philosophy of "Respect for the Individual" and "The Three Joys”,Through mobility development, we are moving forward to provide customers around the world with "joy of expanding their life’s potential”
In response to the ever-changing social environment, we are refining our advanced technological capabilities and agile action as a group of R&D specialists and deepening our cooperation with Honda, mainly in the four-wheel development business, We aim to be a company that can contribute to the development of society and the development of products that will delight customers around the world.

We are constantly striving to improve ourselves in order to share joy and excitement with our customers and society around the world,We will continue to take on new challenges with the joy and responsibility of developing mobility.

President & CEO
Atsushi Sakamoto