Business description


We are working on Honda's mobility development as R&D specialists.

Styling data

In the area of styling design, the first stage in designing a vehicle, 3D data of the body and part shapes imagined by styling designers is created.
This serves as a bridge between styling designers and construction designers.


Body, interior, exterior, engine, chassis, electronics, and the like are designed by individual function using CAD based on the vehicle visual design and basic concept decided on through product planning.
The Honda Techno Fort headquarters’ design office is commissioned to perform design work in domestic areas and to support overseas design.


The system reproduces performance experiments of individual parts or a whole car on a virtual environment, and performs event analysis, specification studies, and performance judgments, thereby improving the efficiency of research and development work.

Electronic Control Systems

We create specifications for programs that control power units and advanced safety functions installed in vehicles and optimize them for each model to achieve safe, reliable, and high-value-added functions.


In prototyping, vehicles and engines used in tests for creating products are produced.
Areas where improvement is needed are found in the prototyping processes and feedback is provided to development.
Items such as ease of assembly and maintenance are also checked, leading to mass-production quality.


In order to realize vehicle development that satisfies safety, durability, and merchantability, we conduct actual driving tests on a test course using actual vehicles and tests using specialized equipment.

Test course management, vehicle management

Since we use special equipment and facilities to verify vehicles in the process of developing vehicles, we are constantly improving our development environment to ensure that vehicle testing is always safe and smooth.

Intellectual property

We provide support for research and IP rights acquisition for work related to intellectual property (patent searches, patent applications, etc.) for technologies created in mobility development.


We provide a wide range of support for mobility development, building applications that are indispensable to a company, and building and operating infrastructure to maximize the use of data.