Honda Techno-Fort is constantly evolving with the desire to "play a role in Honda's research and development and to be a company where specialists gather.

Started business as a testing division at the request of Honda

Honda Express(now Honda Logistics) was contracted to test Honda's Power products, motorcycles, and automobiles. This was the beginning of the business that led to the establishment of the current Honda Techno Fort.

Establishment of Proving Service Co.

(now Honda Techno-Fort) was established by spinning off the testing division, which was a division of Honda Express Co.
The company started with 222 employees at the time.

Haga Center In-house plant completed

Construction of our own factory was completed, equipped with functions for prototype sheet metal, assembly, strength testing, and maintenance of publicity vehicles.

CAD and CATIA introduced in-house

Introduced CAD and CATIA in-house to improve technical capabilities.
We trained design engineers and promoted contracted design work.

Changed the company name to P.S.G. Corporation

Business expanded from a focus on endurance testing to design and research, The number of employees grew to 400, and the company worked to expand its business base.

Construction of the Takasu Plant was completed. Started test course management operations.

The Takasu Plant started its operations by managing the arrival and departure of test vehicles.
Later, the business was expanded to include test course management and endurance testing.

Head office relocation, completion of Wako Center, and start of operations in the U.S.

The head office was relocated to create an environment that allows for consistent development work.
In the same year, construction of the Wako Center was completed and design data operations were launched.

Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake

On March 11, the Great East Japan Earthquake, the largest earthquake in Japan‘s recorded history, struck. The tremendous damage affected people, businesses, infrastructure, and various other areas not only in our company but also in the entire Honda Group. Even under such circumstances, the entire company worked together to quickly restore business operations.

Commencement of Batch Development of Minor Model Changes on Consignment

Honda entrusted us with the batch development of the MMC for the 2014 Fit Shuttle.
Until now, each department was entrusted with work in its own specialized area of "functional development, However, we have been entrusted with "model development," in which we undertake a wide range of development of a single vehicle as a company.
This is a company-wide effort that cuts across specialized areas, After this, we have been involved in the development of models such as the 2016 CR-Z and the 2019 JADE.

Company name changed to Honda Technofort Co.

The new company name is a combination of the words "Techno" and "Fort" to express the company's status as a "group of specialists" possessing all kinds of technologies and know-how, including styling data, design, research, CAE, prototyping, IT, and intellectual property, We also expressed our desire and aspiration to be a company that plays a part in Honda's R&D and is a "fortress of technology" where specialists gather.

30th anniversary of the company's founding.

The number of employees exceeded 1,800 since the company's founding in 1987, and the head office was expanded with the aim of revitalizing communication among employees.
In the same year, the intellectual property business was newly launched.

Corporate catchphrase "Go beyond impossible."

To pursue the challenge of aiming for something better is where real joy awaits. With the aspiration to share joy with customers and society, we aim to remain a company that doesn't settle for possibilities, but continually explores them.
This catchphrase encapsulates our heartfelt desire.

Three minor model changes commissioned

To mutually strengthen the automobile development system, We were commissioned to develop three minor model changes.
And, for the first time, Honda Techno-Fort was entrusted with the development of The 2023 CITY, a global model, was introduced to the market.