Promoting Employee Health


Message from Top Management

Employee health is a company asset
A healthy company starts with healthy employees
Keep fit to be happy

Honda Technofort believes that the most important thing is our employees, based on our philosophy of respect for individuals.
We believe that the health of our employees is essential for Honda Techno Fort to continue to grow and develop permanently, and therefore we are committed to supporting the health of our employees.
We will proactively work to improve health and productivity, aiming to create a work environment in which each employee can take the initiative in maintaining and improving his or her health and to raise awareness of the importance of health promotion.

Honda Techno Fort Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Atsushi Sakamoto

Promotion Structure

Honda Techno-Fort promotes health management, with the president and representative director serving as the chief executive officer.
The General Affairs Department, industrial physicians, and public health nurses work together to strategically implement company-wide employee health promotion based on an action plan with an emphasis on prevention.

Lifestyle Goals for Employees

With the aim of establishing awareness of disease prevention and healthy lifestyles, we set lifestyle goals for our employees and regularly check their implementation status.

Major Initiatives

We are developing various initiatives to promote the health of our employees.

Milestone age health guidance

To provide an opportunity to periodically review one's own health, In-house health nurses provide health guidance to employees who have reached the milestone age (25, 35, 45, 55 years old).

Health Awareness Seminar by Age Group

In-house public health nurses conduct seminars to raise health awareness so that employees are aware of health issues that they should be aware of by age group (30, 40, 50 years old).

Lifestyle Improvement and Retention Support Measures

To provide employees with opportunities to improve their lifestyles and establish new habits, we are proactively working to create an environment that makes it easier for employees to improve their health, such as by holding in-house walking events and supporting employees who have graduated from smoking.

Reinforcement of measures to receive medical examinations after health checkups

Based on the results of periodic health checkups, in-house industrial physicians and public health nurses recommend that employees who need to see a doctor receive medical attention at a hospital, leading to early consultation and treatment.

Specific health guidance for all ages

Aiming to improve health awareness among younger age groups, Specific health guidance for employees is also provided to employees 34 years of age and younger.

External Recognition

Recognized as a Health and Productivity Management Organization

Honda Technofort was recognized as a company that views employee health as a management issue and makes strategic efforts throughout the company under the certification system for companies with excellent corporate health management jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council. Honda Techno Fort was recognized as one of the "2024 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations" in the large company category.